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File 135526079433.jpg - (61.23KB , 450x623 , weegeev.jpg )
1275 No. 1275 hide quickreply [Reply]
Any tips on moving out and organising an apartment? Got a corporate job that will pay the bills, moving in with a guy I lived with previous in college dorms. Long hours of work await.
What things should I look out for in a place?

As my folks are threatening me physically, I've been couchsurfing. I need to grab a place in the next 2 weeks before I'm dragged into Christmas hell.
>> No. 1276
make sure you can actually live with this person
>> No. 1277
He said he's lived with the guy before.

Pack boxes by room, maybe even part of room. Bathroom stuff in one box, kitchen stuff in another, desk stuff, bed area stuff, etc. Pack one box labeled "open first" containing anything you will need the first day you arrive.

Banker boxes are the perfect size for moving. They have handles, and it's almost impossible to pack them too heavy. They also stack neatly.
>> No. 1278
That's a smart idea, and I'll use it when I have more stuff. As it is, most of my stuff fits in a backpack and suitcase. The rest is suits and paintings.

Would you suggest a safe for valuables and documents?
>> No. 1279
I don't know your situation, where your stuff's going to be during transit, etc. But if you're asking about security storage, then maybe you need it.
You can get a trunk or a briefcase and put a padlock on it if it seems necessary.
>> No. 1292

If you don't trust your roomie, neighborhood or guests, maybe.

Basically, your documents are boring and no one cares enough to steal them. Just put them shits in a shoe box.

File 135437695865.jpg - (26.55KB , 480x360 , meow.jpg )
1233 No. 1233 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Oh hey, Anon. I have a question for you all that I already know the answer to, I just need to validate my reasoning. Here goes.

I live in a three bedroom apartment. I moved in with three other people. Two of them are a couple and they share the master bedroom, which includes a walk-in closet and private bathroom. My room is the second biggest, with no walk-in closet (it's a small double-door one) and my room mate's is the smallest room with the same type of closet. Now, the couple in the master room are arguing that said room mate and I should pay more because we have our own rooms. We disagreed. Then they proposed that we pay by the amount of square footage, which is taking it too far in my opinion. Mathematically I would think that since they have the master bedroom with the huge closet and private bathroom, they would be paying more anyway, correct? Can I call bullshit on these two yet? I don't know if they realize that they would end up paying more if we did it by square footage of bedrooms. We all share the common areas anyway. Rent should be split four ways since there are four of us, am I right or am I right?
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>> No. 1245
That. That. That. That. That. Yes. Exactly. OP, fucking do that.
>> No. 1246
Wouldn't it be easy to cheat that system and just sleep on a couch or in a closet to save money?

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>> No. 1247
Well, as I said, since OP even puts in the effort to make a post like that, it can't be that much more of a hassle to do some simple math to solve his problem. I really don't see how this is "way too fucking complicated". You'd need about 10 minutes for the calculations.

> just splitting it four goddamn ways is simpler and nobody can argue about it.

Apparently, someone argues about it, and rightly so. E.g. if I was the fourth person in this arrangement, I'd be pissed. I have to live in the smallest room, I get a walk-in closet (big fucking whoop), and I still have to pay the same as everyone else. It seems OP's fourth guy is pretty chill about that stuff or doesn't assert himself very well, but this is by no means not arguable, as you put it.

I also think you must have a severe lack of empathy if you don't get why someone would not take that shit. We're talking about big sums of money that are paid monthly. Amongst me and my friends at least, it's understood that big amounts of money require fair distribution rules to be set in place, whether there's friendship involved or not - anything else would lead to bad blood.
>> No. 1248
Ugh. Just read the thread in /b/ and realized I wasted my time. This is all pretty childish. Well, it's not like I didn't expect that.

>> No. 1268
splitting it 4 ways makes more sense than splitting it 3 ways and having 2 people way 1 third together but your way makes the most sense i will agree

File 135478442988.jpg - (108.12KB , 543x960 , 13543406895467.jpg )
1255 No. 1255 hide quickreply [Reply]
I went out last friday with my male friend and two girls he knew. One of the girls thought I was "gorgeous" and she told her friend, who told my friend, who told me. I thought she was cute so I hit on her and got her number.

I call her yesterday (tuesday), no answer. She works a ton, so okay. I leave a voicemail saying hi its blah blah blah called to see how you were doing sorry i missed you we should hang this saturday, hit me up." (I later learned she didn't check her voicemail till today, so hence the upcoming confusion). She texts me saying "who is this". I say its so and so, we were dancing at blah blah last friday, you gave me your #". she texts back "okay haha". At this point I think she's a bitch and give up.

Today she texts me saying "Hey i just got your voicemail, sorry! I never check my messages haha, what were you thinking of doing?".

Unfortunately, I told her what I originally planned on doing, going to a local ted talk event and then dinner and dancing. Even though I get the confusion that happened I'm already over her and pissed off. I already felt rejected and over it. I can't be an asshole though, her friend and my friend have a thing going on so I can't damage anything or it'd be awkward.

The only excuse I cant think of is saying the ted talk is sold out or something dumb, and saying since it's finals right now (thank god) and I fly home early next week that next semester would be more convenient, and then just don't call her.

I'm also debating just telling her what I wrote her, explaining to her why I feel how I feel and saying sorry or something. Would that work?

What do?

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>> No. 1256
God damn you are annoying.
>> No. 1257
por que?
>> No. 1259
You're more of a whiny cunt than annoying, really.

Ooooh boo hoo this girl is into me but I don't wanna play anymore because phone broek.

This is not /ask/ material. Just do whatever. There's no fixing this tremendous fuckup.

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>> No. 1263
Relationship questions go in /docta/

That said, I'm pretty sure you like dick.
Admit this to yourself and then to the girl.
You could still end up with a dancing partner.

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>> No. 1266
Wait so... there was a mild communication error and now you don't want to go out with her any more? Why not? That seems kind of petty... arbitrary even.

>next semester would be more convenient, and then just don't call her.
Good god, don't be such a passive-aggressive little baby. Be direct, one way or the other. EIther go out with her or just tell her you changed your mind (for god knows what reason) and don't want to go out any more.

File 134456714880.jpg - (308.43KB , 1107x555 , photo.jpg )
979 No. 979 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I need some advice here
I don't know if I am straight gay or bi...
I never loved anyone :/
Well offcoarse my mom and dad, but I never felt something for a person.
I am 16 and my friends are laughing at me for never getting laid.
May I ask for your advice, and how does it feel to love someone?


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>> No. 1244
You shouldn't worry about labels like straight, gay, or bi, too much. sexuality is often a gray area thing, not black and white. Its not really important to decide, just go with whatever you feel when things happen.
>> No. 1251
File 135464336091.jpg - (431.34KB , 800x1067 , 1351121111119.jpg )

I have a friend who has been flip flopping for a decade now. He recently decided he is pansexual after taking about 100 different dicks in the ass over a period of 6 or 7 years. Now he's fucking some girl and is incredibly happy. I guess good guys are too hard to find here, or they're too fickle in relationships. I don't know if he would have had the same experience in sexuality should have have found a nice guy.

I even got jerked off by him and have had some other, not always plesant in hindsight, experiences. I've also had transgender feelings more often than not, but I have a great girlfriend right now so it's not something that really comes to mind regularly, as it is.

It doesn't really matter, even if social pressures make you think otherwise. Also, I still haven't had sex yet and am in my early 20s.
>> No. 1261
File 13549198361.jpg - (5.15KB , 231x205 , 1207189686125-1.jpg )
Everybody shut the fuck up, don't worry son you will be ok.
>> No. 1262
>Hey at least he isn't shitposting.

>Sexuality questions go in /docta/

That is, unless this is meant to become a medical discussion about how OPs amygdala is irregular.
If that's the case, here that goes.

Medical issue -> abnormal reward/response -> nebulous sexuality -> op posts some cat picture titled "photo.jpg" -> you are a furry. Sorry, bro.
>> No. 1267
This terrible thread is from fucking October. Who bumped it?

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File 135162917141.jpg - (63.30KB , 800x624 , 1314871702757.jpg )
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How do you spoiler text?

Or is that unavailable here?
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>> No. 1168
File 135179758847.png - (94.09KB , 1334x625 , screencap of the fucking FAQ page.png )
>> No. 1176
at least you're not seeing tastes

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>> No. 1197
You do it like this.
>> No. 1220
>> No. 1260

File 13527501223.jpg - (23.04KB , 384x288 , obmas_foot_long_sausage.jpg )
1195 No. 1195 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Today is Monday. If someone told you on Monday, "I will let you know by next Monday, not this Monday" does he mean next week or 2 weeks from now?
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>> No. 1206
He meant that he doesn't plan on getting back to you about it at all.
>> No. 1209
Why didn't you just ask him "uh... wait... do you mean Monday the 19th or Monday the 26th?"
>> No. 1213
File 135295119760.jpg - (13.33KB , 314x322 , 12731200028.jpg )
just wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible and not stop to make any confusion. its about a job interview. I called halfway between both mondays, which was today. they said they would call me back so im guessing he originally meant 2 weeks
>> No. 1232
In 2 days, it will be Monday once again, and OP's claim will be once again valid.
>> No. 1242
except that this thread is a few weeks old. op here, didnt get the job

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File 135336880938.jpg - (165.98KB , 638x804 , Transcendent-Man-Fathom-poster.jpg )
1221 No. 1221 hide quickreply [Reply]
I'm looking for the Transcendent Man Live Discussion that featured guests including Michio Kaku, Steve Wozniak, and many other brilliant minds. I've been searching for this for days now and can't believe that this information wasn't recorded and made public online for all to see. Does anybody have a source to either a streaming video of the event or a torrent?
>> No. 1222
Suzanne Somers is a futurist?

File 135292106920.gif - (8.55KB , 150x117 , walleye_1.gif )
1207 No. 1207 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So at lvl one you pay 10xp, at lvl 2 you pay 20xp and at lvl 3 you pay 30xp, and so on. What is the equation to graph the cost?
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>> No. 1211
O, at lvl 30 you would have spent a total 60xp.
>> No. 1212
You mean the total cost or the cost for that level?
If its just the cost at each level then it's linear at a 1 to 10 ratio. If its total money spent to that point then it's a curve, since it would be that same 1 to 10 plus previous costs.
>> No. 1214
xp cost=lvl*10
>> No. 1218
Total cost to reach level X is:

sum( 10 * i, i = 1..X)

We can factor out the 10, since it does not depend on i.

10 * sum(i, i = 1..X)

The sum of consecutive integers is well known, and can be found with some googling if you forget it (like I do).

10 * ( X * (X + 1) / 2 )


5 * (X^2 + X)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1225

You are a very mean man.

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File 134942645719.gif - (341.69KB , 500x487 , 1334275157389.gif )
1113 No. 1113 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm stuck in the friend zone. How can I get out of this horrible purgatory?
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>> No. 1191
File 135269363513.jpg - (77.24KB , 719x540 , 1329748230264.jpg )
>> No. 1203
I don't see why the thread continued after this reply. This is the answer. Give it your best and accept their choice. You can't force someone to love you.
>> No. 1204
Here's what I did:

1. stop seeing her for a VERY long time (say half a year - 1 year, maybe more)
2. start ignoring her
3. after said time and after you cleared your head be sure to bump into her in a party. make it look like a 'coincidence' you see each other.
5. you should be able to fill in the summary yourself from here.

really, this works best. your care level should be fucking 0. girls don't like it when you come up to them and act like a semi-gay and tell em you're feelings and tell me you're so unsure and blablabla.
you need to be determined and you don't need to give a shit about things. if it doesn't work out? big fucking deal, there are more girls in this world.

what happened to me is that, after the ignoring phase, the girl was all over me. somehow, the more you chase them, the harder they run away. the more you are like, meh i dont care about you, the harder they want you.

follow my advice, do this.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1215

>> No. 1216
amusing video, but to some extend very true.

File 13504282545.jpg - (58.49KB , 1024x768 , 129514383414.jpg )
1134 No. 1134 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Posted this in the wrong board earlier. Would anyone be willing to do a short review of my attempt at a formal letter to the hospital?
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1143
I can give you the whole story if you want. It was quite an interesting experience getting committed to a hospital's behavioral unit. I was only there for about 2 days too. Going in that place made me feel like my own problems were just a raindrop in an ocean, or something like that.
>> No. 1148
You need to start faking that self confidence now, in this letter. Stop walking on eggshells and tell them like your words should matter.

Points you are trying to make:

1) Thank you for your facility's aid. You have good people working for you. That said...
2) Someone in your employ is a thief, and I expect you to take appropriate action.

If you want to get personal with these folk, that's one thing, but if you want them to look into the fact that you had money stolen from you while you were in a 72 hour hold, then bold that shit out.
>> No. 1198
File 135278147174.gif - (887.31KB , 150x150 , 1325778313538.gif )
Got the money /ask/

Lately, I've been having a tough time and tonight's particularly rough. What are some good things I can do to get my mind off things so I can actually sleep once in a while?
>> No. 1199
Actually, I might have found a solution


as well as a goal
>> No. 1202
You're writing like you're doing homework for a rudimentary highschool English course. Get to the fucking point and be done with it. There aren't any minimum word counts and these people are busy. Also, don't use "whom" unless you know how to use it correctly, which you do not, and remove all semicolons.

Like >>1148 said, get to the point. Leave out all of your personal life story, because they do not care. Get to the point. This isn't a formal letter. It's a bad creative writing assignment.

File 135218097758.jpg - (19.34KB , 403x403 , hC3R3.jpg )
1178 No. 1178 hide quickreply [Reply]
I want to buy another Stormtrooper suit right, the one I have now isn't really that good, only 2 sizes were available, doesn't fit properly, can't sit ect ect ect. The price I paid for a lousy suit makes me ashamed, but I am willing to pay more for a good one. You know, the ones you see people dancing in and shit. Just, I can't find one anywhere. Apparently there is a site out there that does custom fit ones and such, bit I have no idea where it is.

Basically, I am asking if anyone knows where to purchase a quality Stormtrooper suit.
>> No. 1179
File 135222231635.jpg - (166.28KB , 640x480 , Scarborough_town_centre_disney_store_renovated[1].jpg )
>> No. 1200
Find your local 501st group, and contact them. They might have a member with one for sale, and being nerd enthusiasts they're generally pretty on point about having good quality.

File 135266189810.jpg - (47.81KB , 425x282 , sickboy.jpg )
1189 No. 1189 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
How do I make myself sick so I can get out of Thanksgiving with the family?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1192
Inducing Metal fumes fever may not be a good idea.

>The symptoms are nonspecific but are generally flu-like including fever, chills, nausea, headache, fatigue, muscle aches, joint pains, shortness of breath, chest pain, and cough. A sweet or metallic taste in the mouth may also be reported along with a dry or irritated throat which may lead to hoarseness. [6] Symptoms of a more severe metal toxicity may also include a burning sensation in the body, shock, no urine output, collapse, convulsions, shortness of breath, yellow eyes or yellow skin, rash, vomiting, watery or bloody diarrhea or low blood pressure, which require prompt medical attention.[7] Milder flu-like symptoms will normally disappear within 24 to 48 hours, and someone suffering from metal fume fever will usually feel well enough to return to work the next day, despite the fact that they may still be feeling a little bit under the weather. It often takes 4 days to fully recover.

It sounds like it may do the job too well. I personally wouldn't want to feel that shitty for four days just to get out of a family engagement.

Do you just need to sound convincingly sick over the phone, or will be be seeing family members in person?

I would suggest getting Bee Pollen at a health food store if you have any pollen allergies. I'm a little allergic to pollen and just a small spoonful of Bee Pollen had me stuffy, sneezing, and congested as if I had the worst cold ever. Passed in about two hours. Say you think you may have a flu, because person you know/work with had it when you saw them yesterday and now you do.

If it's not too rude of a question, why are you so desperate to not dine with your family?
>> No. 1193
find something that makes you vomit, and ingest it. you might not really be sick but it should at least give the appearance you are. i think its called a purgative or something
>> No. 1194
and make sure that other people know you are vomiting, do it in a nearby bathroom and they will hear it
>> No. 1201
It's called ipecac and it's really unpleasant. He would do better just not locking himself in his room and going to the dining area with his family and eating with them.

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>> No. 1219
drink hobo jizz

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File 13517939348.jpg - (141.67KB , 378x536 , 1345850068997.jpg )
1165 No. 1165 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I am having trouble deciding which emphasis I will choose when I go to school for horticulture.

Here they are: Turf Grass Science, Organic Horticulture and Local Food, Plant Biotechnology, Restoring Landscapes, Plant Genetics, or Floriculture and Nursery Production.

So which one will guarantee me a good job. I like all of them except for turf grass science.

Dream Job: Medical Marijuana Dispensary grower.
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1181
why not recreational dispensary. you probably have to go to college or something to sell it as a doctor
>> No. 1183
What's your back-up plan for when you discover that you're not going to get your "dream job"? Which you're probably not. Dispensaries aren't exactly looking for new suppliers all the time and the ones they find, they build relationships and trust with.

So, what are your alternate plans in life?
>> No. 1185
He can always just grow clandestine marijuana and sell it to street dealers. Or maybe it will become legal enough where he can grow and sell legitimately, like a microbrewery.
>> No. 1186
What's to keep OP from moving to Colorado or somewhere else that it's legal to sell, and just becoming another legal grower/dealer? I doubt the market's going to get too saturated too fast. OP doesn't necessarily need a college education to do so, but it can't hurt and will give him the option of falling back on something like forestry, agricultural research, landscaping, decorative plants green house, etc.
OP should probably take some small business management classes.
>> No. 1188
I am considering moving, but it is gonna take a ton of money to actually start something like that. Also, all the legal stuff that has to go into getting permits and occupying a building... I don't really know how much money I am going to need to actually open up a shop.

Thanks, but I can only focus on one emphasis. I kind of want the one emphasis that will get me a job that isn't just working at a dispensary and will allow me to make some money so that I can have money to start up my dispensary. I don't live in a med state.

well, pretty much just use this degree to get a good job... I am kind of looking at a degree program that will give me money and also the experience that I will need to actually work at a dispensary. I also might be doing a bit of clandestine cultivation in the meantime. Also, I think that my state will eventually be a med state.

File 13505893145.jpg - (294.80KB , 1500x938 , 7Rp8U.jpg )
1141 No. 1141 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So I'm 20, and I am wondering. Do you start to like women your own age? Like when I am 30 will I like 30 year olds? I'm still attracted to girls 12-20 but not so much anything older than 25. Do tastes change as you get older?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1145
I can still be physically attracted to younger girls, but I find older women to be attractive as well. I am only 21 but I would say that my tastes have aged slightly but noticeably as I have.

It's easy to look at jailbait and get off, but at least for me the point where I lose interest is in her personality. I can masterbate all day thinking about fucking Claire Abbot, but I know if I met a younger girl, even if I was sexually attracted to her, personality issues would probably overwhelm my libido in the long run.

I guess that still leaves open the possibility of being dubbed an ephebophile, but I honestly believe that, especially given generally earlier puberty in girls today, many, if not most men are probably attracted to girls barely aged into their teens. It's not politically correct, but what can you do.
>> No. 1172
It is hard to say whether your age tastes will change. Personally I would say they will not. You are idealizing these women that's what love and attraction to are, (and let's face it, I know I love porn and rap (and drugs) as much as the next if not more than) but these two once unified phenomena are being more and more divergent. You likely idealized some woman in your early sexual years who fit that category. You liked the motherly-ness of her. BDSM people are people who likely were abused physically by their primary caregivers. This is why we find mates in people who are in someways the inverse, some ways the same as our primary caregiver(s). The traits we didn't like in our parents became the ones we get the inverse of. this is likely where the idea of opposites attract came from. In someways however, our partners (or fantasy partners, if one chooses to or is unable to get real ones) tend to reflect the qualities shared by the primary caregiver(s).

For example, I am merely attracted to females. Especially ones with small noses and big brown eyes and big squishy titties and a big fat round ass. But most any female will do the trick if she is attainable. My dick feels mighty fine rubbing up in any healthy and clean female body part. My fetish is sex. I am a hedonist, sirs.
>> No. 1173
Oh and to add:

We likely find mates who also have the undesirable similarities to the primary caregeiver(s) because we are expecting to find their caring and loving nature as well.
>> No. 1177
I have a rather young(er) preference as well, OP, but in no way do I have a problem hooking up with chicks my age or older.

The taste varies from person to person, as your situation is nothing short of common.

We've all got those thoughts.
>> No. 1184
I'm turning 29 in a couple of months and I wouldn't seriously date anyone under 25. But just sex, I'm still attracting to 18 and 19 year olds, sure. I don't think that will ever go away. But would I try to date one? God no.

File 135059112116.png - (47.15KB , 376x401 , 2niqt75.png )
1142 No. 1142 hide quickreply [Reply]
Bullshitters, I need your help!

I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job. I don't have a a degree yet and I only have experience with customer service retail slave jobs for the most part. I haven't had a legit job in a couple years, just a few odd jobs. How do I explain the employment gap? I'm a full time student (have been for 2 years) and I could probably swing using that plus saying I was caring for my elderly parent (which is only partly true, but it might be a better explanation than "I quit my job one day and never found another")...

I have never been good at making shit up or inflating the truth. I need help.
>> No. 1146
>I have never been good at making shit up or inflating the truth.
Well, don't outright lie then, because if you're a bad liar people will notice. What's the problem with saying you were studying full time, anyway?

I'm not good with lies either, but you could say you were self-employed selling electronics (or Star Wars figurines or whatever) on eBay but stopped because the profit margins were getting too thin.
>> No. 1147

Fair enough, thanks for the input.
>> No. 1170
find a recently closed restaurant or other place in the area, use a phone number of the friend and say the friend was a manager there or whatever. Have him say you're a good employee.

File 135167280496.jpg - (80.54KB , 399x637 , inquisitor_by_blightedrat-d43bb11.jpg )
1163 No. 1163 hide quickreply [Reply]
Either I'm a stupid idiot or rule35.paheal hasn't existed for a while. Are there any good places left to ask artists to draw 34 of things that don't already have 34 of them?

Picture is Pathologic's Aglaja Lilich, my second favorite character from that game and one I'd like to see 34 of at some point.

File 135102761840.jpg - (50.90KB , 800x400 , photo.jpg )
1150 No. 1150 hide quickreply [Reply]
I want to be with her. Dunno what to do or say tomorrow morning for the big speech. Feel like spilling my heart isnt good. Any good things to start off to say to her without asking her out yet?
>> No. 1151
Go to /docta/, sheesh.
>> No. 1157
Make sure you find her when she's alone, preferably with her back to the wall/lockers or, ideally, a corner. Make sure you make strong eye contact the whole time, it makes you look confident. You'll be tempted to look away every few seconds but don't. Do not break eye contact, even for a second, it's the only way to look confident when you're as nervous as you no doubt will be.

You need to be bold and direct. Again, it shows confidence, and chicks dig confidence. So don't use any wishy-washy cop-out phrases like "like" and "crush." You need to confess your love to her. Key word: confess. This is not a two way dialogue, this is you laying it all out there, like a fucking man. And make sure you say the word "love" a lot. Ideally, before you go to see her, write out a list of everything you love about her and recite it. It's OK to consult the list. She'll think it's thoughtful that you planned this out beforehand and chicks dig sensitive, thoughtful guys.

Then, you're ready for the final step, which is asking her to be your girlfriend. Don't ask her out for a date or anything; that's a bullshit cop-out for cowards. Fortune favors the bold. So be bold and skip the whole going-on-a-few-dates-to-get-to-know-each-other-better thing and just go for it and ask her to be in a committed relationship with you.

Good luck, OP. Who dares wins.
>> No. 1182
hao 2 spal

SAGE has been used.

File 135130436177.png - (509.71KB , 640x1200 , fnkq8.png )
1154 No. 1154 hide quickreply [Reply]
what does it mean when a girl goes to the bathroom every 10 minutes and uses all the toilet paper? stop wasting all the toilet paper seriously
>> No. 1155
Maybe she was unprepared for her period.
>> No. 1156
This or Urinary Tract Infection. Not fun.

File 135047674156.jpg - (6.19KB , 150x99 , 2echoaa.jpg )
1136 No. 1136 hide quickreply [Reply]
I'm thinking of posting a work of erotic literature to this /elit board. I have lurked on and off between this and 7, and you fellows seem (aside from i guess what is inevitable spates on any image board of sufficient popularity) remarkably free of asshattery, keeping that shit to /b. A bit more thoughtful, at the very least, and that would be the purpose of posting my story: constructive feedback. Backstory given, a few things:
1- what is the character limit per post? in /elit specifically if it is different board to board...
2- is there a content limit in /elit? I've browsed some of the posts there and a few seem massive, covering a range of subjects and fetishes so I doubt this will be an issue, but still good to know.
3- is /elit the right place for a story that is, at the moment, much more story than smut? There's no set ratio in my mind, it will bounce from story to sexy as the whim takes me.
4- Am I barking up the wrong tree with /elit if I'm after thoughtful critique? Is it more a dumping ground than a feedback loop? I realize many boards here are slower than others, but if /elit really isn't the place, any suggestions?
5- can't think of anymore, list format has killed whatever it was I wanted to ask further, thanks for reading and any responses.
>> No. 1138
It's slow. Everything on 99chan is slow. But there's no real content limits. I wrote a mixture story/smut love elit about bestiality and young teenagers. You'll probably be okay. You might get some feedback, but it'll be slow.

File 134334974313.jpg - (116.51KB , 500x327 , America.jpg )
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For reasons that aren't worth mentioning.
I'm going to be homeless.
I have a car and little to no money.
I intend to drift to the NorthWestern U.S. (washington state)

Give your tips but, also feel free to tell any stories you might have.

I got things packed and I got warm clothes for winter..
Any other bits of advice you can give me would be a stellar help to me.
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>> No. 1115
Plenty of jobs in several industries, and a crap ton of apartments being built in the north Georgia area
>> No. 1125

Move to Cuba land. It's great here, and a Vegas man will surely find some work. Legal or no. Though most likely no.
>> No. 1126
Vegas native? I'd suggest not being homeless in WA over the winter. The weather can be pretty brutally cold especially if you're not used to cold, snowy winters.
>> No. 1127
Northwest is raintown. Have a plan to stay dry.

BTWs, It's piss-easy to find a job in Portland that'll pay the rent. Only reason people are unemployed in this town is because they're too lazy or entitled to put in work.
>> No. 1133
Past the Cascades, eastern WA is pretty dry. Central is technically a desert. Still gets cold as shit though. And most of central's precip happens during the winter.

As a WA native I would not recommend being homeless here, especially if you've never spent a winter here before and are coming from mild winters like Vegas.

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