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File 135513452847.jpg - (248.67KB , 800x1100 , pinup_girls_2.jpg )
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So basically, I'm in love with an expensive hooker.
This is going to sound completely ridiculous, but i met this girl at a party a couple months ago, and we started talking about shit. Eventually i noticed she had a really nice Audi, so i asked her how she could afford something like that. she kinda shook the question off and didn't answer so i let it go. After the party, we started hanging out a lot more and becoming really good friends. Eventually she introduced me to her boyfriend, who is abusive as fuck to her. She eventually spilled the beans and told me she was a hooker, but not in her home town, and not the trashy kinda either. I would have never have guessed. I thought maybe she was selling something.
She also told me about her abusive boyfriend and how he grabs her throat and throw her around.
So now its come to this point here and now. I think i love her, but what the fuck should i do? Shes troubled sort of, but her bf is a tweek and would probably kill me and make me into a crack pipe.
Im rambling, and drunk, so ill just leave it at that.
TL;DR, Im in love with a showgirl, wat do
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>> No. 1550
OP I'm begging you here, don't push this any further. The only thing you can get out of this is trouble. It could be physical conflict with the boyfriend, having to deal with any trouble SHE gets into, having to get involved with clients she has trouble with, running into her pimp. Just cut all contact, and if you can, you should disappear from her life.
>> No. 1553
The problem isn't that she is an escort, the problem is that she has an abusive dick boyfriend.

She may not even have a pimp. She may be an independent escort or work for an agency.
>> No. 1556
>The problem isn't that she is an escort, the problem is that she has an abusive dick boyfriend.

Don't fall in love with used goods man, don't do that to yourself. I hope for your sake that you don't do that to yourself. You need to cut the ties, don't carry other peoples burdens on your back.
>> No. 1565
OP, I'm not saying she doesn't have the good qualities you see in her, but take a step back and think about it -- if she has an abusive dick boyfriend, why do you think that is? She chose him. That is not anyone's fault but her own, and you shouldn't allow your affection for her to blind you to the less than wonderful aspects to her life or character... or let the fact that she may seem like a delicate flower needing protection fool you into thinking she isn't responsible for her own problems.

Don't let your dick make you into a fool. Hopefully you've dumped her already.
>> No. 1579
>Don't fall in love with used goods man
Yeah, don't date any woman who has any kind of past relationship history, man. Girls who have had boyfriends before are bad news.

File 136939948730.jpg - (527.46KB , 1024x765 , dumb_horse.jpg )
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I'm pretty embarrassed to have to ask this /ask/, but I'd be worse off not so I'll just bite the bullet. I'm moving out, finally, from my folks in a short time frame. I expect that there will be all manner of stupid adult tricks I don't even know I don't know but this one is chewing at me. A little background: my mother is obsessive about doing the laundry. Hardly a day goes by when she hasn't done at least one load of wash. Her sorting system is arcane and impenetrable and, she will demand one pile for underwear, one for sleeping clothes, one for tee shirts, one for jeans, one for scrubs, one for whites, but not white collared shirts, etc.

Can anyone give me a simple run down of how to best sort and do the laundry? Do jeans need to be washed separately from other pants? Is it acceptable to just wash colors and whites without regard for content? Halp?
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>> No. 1514
My system is (and has always been) this:

Dirty clothes in big big bag.
Sunday - take big big bag to launderette.
Empty bag into washing machine which can accommodate the contents and have a little bit of space left over.
Normal wash - warm
Generic concentrated washing powder and no softener (it ruins towels!)
Pull clothes out of machine once washed, and straight into giant dryer.
Full heat on dryer for 40 minutes.
Take stuff out, fold immediately, put back in giant bag in a stack.
Take stuff home, hang it up if needed. That's it.

I've always mixed every damn thing together and never suffered for it. Probably because I don't buy clothes which a hippie made by dying yak hair with teabags and crushed flowers. Pretty much everything is colorfast these days.

But if you're going to wear wool - buy it three sizes too big. It only shrinks once.
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>> No. 1537
I also do all wash together. This is because I pay per load in my apartment building and I'm a miser.
>> No. 1555
No to the jeans
>> No. 1559
All this is good advice, but if you're weird shaped you get some extra rules. I'm really tall and thin, so if any of my shirts or jeans see the dryer they don't fit anymore. Hang dry these, everything else into the dryer. Also, cold water helps things stay the same size.
>> No. 1560
Best plan is to not to move too far away from your mother.Then you can drop over regularly and let her do your laundry.Pick it up the next day.It will save you $$$(since you are $ frugal)

File 13711232836.jpg - (35.97KB , 500x351 , 1353421702037.jpg )
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After reviewing this board, I realized it was literally to just ask any general questions. Awesome.

TL;DR I want to get paid to write papers for students at the local high schools/community college. I have the writing and planning skills. I wonder about the potential legal/trouble risk associated with this and am looking for advice or any anecdotal experiences?

So, here's my question /ask/: I want to 'create a business,' for use of a basic term, where I write papers for college (and high school) students, let them take credit, and just get paid for it. My academic strength is in my writing and I have written entire papers for friends before for free just because it saved them a lot more time than it took me to write it.

I would ensure their name is on the paper and it doesn't get around that I'm practicing a plagiarism business except for to recruit customers through fellow students (by using a code name or something, I don't know?). I would probably keep the relationship one-on-one and first name basis. Maybe deny it if it comes up in a social environment?

I'm not entirely worried about not getting credit for my work because my own will probably be of a higher quality than I'll give average students that they will get adequate grades for (in my humble and experienced opinion, the writing will be of a higher quality than they could produce). However, I'm smart enough to reduce the writing level to the believability that the student wrote it themselves. I would have to pay attention to my writing style becoming a common theme of work in teachers' classes, but I'm fairly confident I have the skills to be able to make this work in terms of planning and writing.

I just want to get paid to help students save time. I feel like that's really something students would pay for; I mean, papers often get purchased online (although foolishly, I admit) and this would be a more personal alternative. I would ask for any other notes or information required (I wouldn't do all the research work, they would be asked to provide that).

I'm having trouble getting a job which is my reason for having this idea, and I can't remain completely anonymous or under an alias to the students at hand forever because I'll be attending college with them shortly, but I haven't started quite yet. It would be like a really awesome second job (once I get one) as it wouldn't be very time-consuming for me. I was thinking of posting on Craigslist for my area using some sort of pseudonym and if they recognize me, I'll just advise to keep it hush-hush (I live in a relatively small town where people know people).

How much trouble could I really get in if I were to be caught? What do you think are the chances of being able to pull this off without any suspicion? Would you guys encourage this or advise against? Does anyone have any experience with this type of stuff, either being the writer or the slacker, or an acquaintance of one with experience? I just want some sort of input before I actually go into this sort of thing with a false confidence. I've been offered payment before for some favors I've done for friends and I just opted out to a smoke-up, and some friends girlfriends have been told to ask me if they really want it done so I have a reputation for being a capable writer and am fairly in-touch with what little of an academic circle there is in this community. I know a decent group of people from a number of different schools. I could mostly write on any topic/subject especially with detailed notes but I would specialize particularly in Literature/English language papers. I would probably refrain from opinion pieces unless the student gives me like an outline as to what their own personal opinion is and what they want written.
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>> No. 1522

I think this is a fantastic idea as the ducation system is bullshit and all work to undermine it seems fair to me. I would advertise by printing a lot of paper with multiple anonymous emails you control advertising your services and hand them the fuck out at highschools and colleges. leave them in buildings, on the ground, on tack boards, post on craigslist, make face facebooks and otherwise just get your services out there. use an escrow service to handle payments and you should be fine. good luck!
>> No. 1524
Whatever you do, don't do what >>1522 suggests. All that will do is lead to an administrative crackdown on cheating in the institutions in question. Keep it lowkey, not flyers, no facebook posts, none of that shit. Maybe maybe MAYBE a discrete and carefully worded craigslist ad.

Keep it face to face. Work it through contacts of people you know from school, friends to friends of friends to friends of friends of friends. Payment only in cash. Work it like a drug dealer basically. If you want to sell pot, you don't go around leaving fucking flyers and making a facebook page. You deal with people you trust and expand through word of mouth to keep things on the downlow.
>> No. 1525
Anonymous with escrow service? Did you not catch that part? have you ever figured out the identify of an ebay seller before?
>> No. 1528
You know, teachers and professors have technology now to search for syntax patterns. It's not used for everything, but it's as simple as opening a program and pressing Go. I've used it before. So, seeing as you live in a small town, you'd probably want to either not flood the local institutions with your work or branch out nationally via the internet. But even without the program I mentioned, we (I teach, by the way) aren't idiots. Spotting a marked, sudden difference in writing styles in a student isn't hard to do, particularly if you don't have a lot of students. Unless you have the knowledge and/or training to significantly alter your writing enough to avoid detection, your main worry is being ratted out in a second when one of your "clients" is caught. My advice is to stick to highschool, where plagiarism is far less of a deal than in college. Or just take on the risks. Whatever. But keep in mind that you're not as clever as you think you are, even if you actually are.

Unless eBay has changed a lot since I last used it, there are several ways of finding out the identities of eBay sellers you do business with.
>> No. 1558
He could get the software himself and use it to make sure the papers don't get flagged.

File 136732240470.jpg - (614.47KB , 819x586 , SadFaceBurger.jpg )
1477 No. 1477 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hi everyone, I'm in a predicament.

Things were going swell until the beginning of march, since I was doing well at uni (even though I'm already 25, had some problems earlier so started later) but then I got screwed over by a fellow student and things started going south fast. Failed two subjects, everything was riding on the third subject (which if I failed would be the end of my uni career), two hours before the exam I heard my mother has cancer. Yadayada, failed the exam, things have been going downhill ever since. Bit of backstory, so you will. Feels purdy bad since that uni was the first time in my life that I felt at home in an educational institution.

Anyway, ever since then my mood has been going downhill as well. I've been diagnosed with clinical depression, generalised anxiety (with extra heavy social anxieties and fear of failure) and other little tidbits in the past, and while I've gotten quite good at getting a grip on my mental state and issues by rigorious training and self-brainwashing, I feel myself slipping away again over the last few days.

Part of this is related to my eating habits. The girlfriend's back to her home country for the week so I'm all alone, which made me go for bad food like I normally do when I feel like shit. However, I'm clear enough to realise that eating this way doesn't change anything and only makes me feel worse, let alone makes me shit water.

Gonna get to the point now: what kind of foods can I eat in order to maintain my mental health? I know that certain types of food are better at giving you an edge against depression, but opinions on it seem to differ. I trust you guys, so if possible, please help me out. I'm in a waiting list for a psychologist so until that time I'll have to do with changing things in my home life as much as I can.

Addendum: I take vitamin and herbal supplements due to a slight hormonal disorder, I have to take extra magnesium anyway to control my nerves, both physical (shaking hands, twitches) and mental (anxiety, panic attacks). I'm also going back to the gym, since I'm a fatty boom boom and working out always made me feel better, but... not quite yet, I still need to adjust to the kicked-out-of-uni fact.

Thanks for reading all that, guys. If you can help me out, that'd be great. Other tips for controlling or managing depression are also welcome, and if you have any questions: feel free to ask and I'll answer if I can.

tl;dr: depressed, eating bad, what food will help?, general tips also welcome, <3
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>> No. 1480
File 136735659279.jpg - (20.51KB , 320x408 , 391740cc0cca8891343064f975934939[1].jpg )
Hey mate, coincidentally I read something today because of my Research Proposal.

I was reading "Toward a neurobiology of delusions" by Corlett et al. (2010). Download the article and check it yourself.

One of their hypotheses at page 362, is this :

"We have argued that delusions arise and are maintained due to
aberrations of glutamatergic synaptic plasticity, specifically
chronically elevated synaptic glutamate which renders inap-propriate salience and learning that engenders a limit on
metaplasticity. Given its effectiveness against cocaine induced
deficits in metaplasticity (Moussawi et al., 2009), we predict
that N-acetylcysteine should be an effective treatment for
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1543
i did not read it through but this post looks well thought out and helpful.

eating healthy in general will do as much as can be done by changing your diet. avoid heavily processed or artificial foods, junk foods, the like. eat organic, natural food and you'll be fine. try to find a variety of healthy foods you enjoy, this will make it much easier to eat healthy. consider nuts, vegetables, fruits, and alternative preparation of the food (raw, grill, light stir fry vs fried or heavily dressed)

you could also consider trying vegetarianism (there are different degrees, you can try a very liberal version if you're not too keen on it; i.e.- still eat fish, eggs, milk, etc). i tried eating vegetarian for a month and i felt great physically after 2 or 3 weeks.

as >>1480 said, regular exercise will help a lot too (perhaps even more than eating better)

having said all this, don't expect to change your diet and suddenly feel better. depending on how long you've been this way (if you have a history previous to this march) or how prone you are to mental instability it could take a lot in order for you to improve how you feel. you will need to correct yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally to get better. don't try to do it all at once though, or you'll become overwhelmed. baby steps.

as a final note i must say that i don't know much beyond the average joe on health and diet. this is all from my own 19 years of experience, and as >>1480 once again said, take my advice with a grain of salt.

good luck anon.
>> No. 1544
>don't expect to change your diet and suddenly feel better

For me, it's really helpful to think objectively about eating well and exercising. Going for a run or having a salad won't mean my depression lifts right there and then, but I can bank on the fact that; two months of healthy eating and exercising will make me feel a lot better than two months of lazy and junk food.

What I mean to say is that, healthy eating is a basic thing that you can use to empower yourself. It can be an instant cure, but we're looking long term. If I feel down, I think about how I can 'look after myself' by spending time eating well and exercising.

Try to eat regularly and often, small portions, take your time, if possible try to eat in company. Try to eat a range of foods that are interesting, and try to develop some routine or rules to your food. For example, I start every morning with a particular type of porridge with whatever fruits are around, I don't have milk because it upsets me, and porridge keeps me full for a long time. I'm proud that I always have a healthy start to the day, and if I fuck up and get a burger at lunch, I at least started on a good note.

There's some literature about the alkaline diet, which is interesting but I find incredibly complex. Anyway, it seems to be talking about finding a specific diet for you, and finding out what foods make you work better than others. Certainly, generally there's a lot of sugar consumption, which I think is hard for your body. It talks about being able to eat a McDonald's and be able to balance it out (kind of). Generally though, it's pretty standard healthy diet stuff. It might be interesting.
>> No. 1557
cashews... fruit, vegetables...

File 137471631356.jpg - (107.24KB , 1024x768 , 11913807766.jpg )
1547 No. 1547 hide quickreply [Reply]
Seriously, whenever I'm in Barnes and Noble I always see Mexicans reading the manga
>> No. 1549
Why was this cleared for deletion?
>> No. 1551

It's a legitimate question.

OP I'm guessing it's because they're weeaboos and don't conform to your racist preconceptions.
>> No. 1552
>It's a legitimate question.

No it's not. All OP did was state something. Last I checked, this was /ask/ not /state/. Regardless, how could this ever be a "legitimate" question?

>Why do so many Mexicans read manga in Barnes and Noble, /ask/?

Also, I'm betting that your shit post was intentional.
>> No. 1554
They cant afford it and are uncultured so it;s crazy to them and interesting, but they won't pay like a normal person and read it at home because there is better furniture at barnes and nobel than in their entire bloquear. Habla mi mensaje hombre?

File 137287737484.jpg - (14.42KB , 400x350 , head in hands.jpg )
1533 No. 1533 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Okay, this might be a wee bit long, but shit is getting serious and I need as many ideas as possible on how to mentally survive my situation until it's time to go.

A bit of background: I just graduated undergrad in college. I lived in the dorms during that entire time, only going home for the summers. Now, I grew up in a very abusive and dysfunctional household, but around the time I left for college my family all got on psychiatric medications and into group therapy, so going home for the summers usually wasn't that bad. So, after graduating from college this year, I decide to live at home for a single year so I can work and save up money between now and beginning my Master's program (at the same school).

Boy, was that a stupid idea. As soon as I get settled back into the house, my father decides it's a great idea to go off his psych meds, and start drinking heavily again. HEAVILY. My middle sister has become a drug addict and might be dropping out of college, and everyone's lashing out at each other over it. While no physical assault has gone down, screaming matches, breaking of dishes, throwing of chairs, and punching of walls have become everyday affairs. The other night, my dad was drunk walking around the house naked with a plate of cold leftovers and forcing us to eat from it or else he'd "fucking kill us all". Money keeps getting stolen by either my dad or sister. I've had to bail my parents out of mortgage crises. I've almost had to call the cops on my dad to keep him from assaulting my mom. The whole household is a financial and emotional wreck.

So obviously I'm like, "Fuck this, time to bail back outta here and move into my own place nearer to my school." So here I am, working my way outta here and I have income flowing from my job. I just have to ask: how can I retain my sanity until move-out date? Cuz it might be another 2 months or so until I can get outta here, and things are really, really wearing on me mentally. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but goddamn is this tunnel dark.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1535
If I were you I would move out at all costs. I couldn't handle a situation like that. Just don't even talk about leaving, simply do so without talking about it. Depending on how much you value the relationship you have with your family, this might be a bad idea, but it's up to you. They sound so poisonous.

If you can't leave right away, just stay in your room. Eat in your room. Put a lock on your door. Do what you can to avoid everyone. Invest in some noise-canceling headphones.
>> No. 1536
>move out at all costs.

Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do, but it's more of a matter of HOW to survive until moveout date.

>If you can't leave right away, just stay in your room

>> No. 1539
A routine will help you, and making an effort to be out of the house as much as possible will help. I'm sure you have a routine, but doing things to get out would be amazing; it really helped me to leave my household and just spend as much time as possible outside, although it can cost money, there are plenty of things you can do. I'm not sure about where you live but I'm assuming that there must be, say a cafe nearby, where you can use the wifi and be productive. I might be wrong about the availability but the general idea is GET OUT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. But it can become fuel, because clearly any attempt you make to avoid this situation is received as a threat, then again your priority is to get away as much as possible.

Also, network the fuck out of this. Moving out is your priority, and there are most likely ways that you can get to this faster. If you can lose yourself in getting out, it might help you pass the time. Contact people and generally try to make an easier route towards leaving the house, more quickly. Try everything, if you could find a spare room in a house, try explaining that you absolutely HAVE to leave. Could you afford a hostel for a month, or two? My suggestions are probably impractical and boring, but the aim is here to think "Is there a way to get out quicker?", because I know you can do it.

I don't know what your financial situation is, but if you could arrive at your target city with a bare minimum amount of money I would wager that this is better than waiting two months and then turning up with more money. Why? Because once you get there, you will be away from this, and if you HAVE to make it work, if you NEED a job ASAP, you'll find one. Money will work itself out, money is not your priority. I hope this doesn't annoy you, but I think you need to be creative about solving this problem- if you move out right now, then you don't have to worry about surviving. In fact, you can spend the time and energy that you currently spend on coping with this on something else- like taking care of yourself and finding things to do. I daresay you'd be a lot more energetic.

I'm being idealistic here, quite heavily. I understand that you might find it naive, but the idea behind it is this; when we're stressed, our creativity about problem solving is narrowed. I haven't read anything about you considering moving out earlier; the idea was to try and throw some ideas around and maybe trigger the notion that you could avoid having to survive this.

You have the Internet, and this is something amazing that can turn your situation around. Couchsurfing is a website that you might be able to use to organize some temporary accommodation, you could contact users and arrange to stay (obviously this depends whether people in your target location actually use the website). Try everything you possibly can.

My last point would be, don't be afraid about talking about this. Things are incredibly difficult for you; and telling people about your situation, not the whole story, but a general reason for your predicament ("I'm having a hard time at home and I need to get out as soon as possible" might be right) because people can be very generous, very understanding, and very helpful.

I hope this has helped you, and I think you're doing an absolutely amazing job, things are going to work out, and you can do this. I'm happy to respond if you have any questions or problems with what I've said. People are going to work against you here and tell you not to do what you want to do; don't listen to them.
>> No. 1540
OP here with an update
For some reason, the past week and a half at my house has been... astonishingly chill. My father hasn't raised his voice ONCE. My sister is still being fucked up but she's decided to go to college this semester and try to get her shit together. Still, there are plenty of things going on wrong with the place (e.g. Dad's still a drunk) and who knows when things will go wrong again?

Anyway, as luck would have it, an older couple that I've known for many years are putting up their old house for rent (they are moving to an smaller apartment for various reasons, but still want to keep the house), and they have asked me and another friend to live there. Upon telling my parents this, they said "cool, that sounds great, they're good people so why not?"

Well, uh, that was that. I move into the new house 1 Sept. In a month and a half, I move into a new house. Thankfully I have noise cancelling headphones, have the ability to hang out with my future roommate (good excuse to get out of the house: "I'm going to go meet up with my roomie to talk about moving!"), and... yeah. Shit's still going to be nerve-grating, but I think I can survive for now. Wish me luck.
>> No. 1541
Pics of your sister, OP.

File 136812032945.jpg - (41.41KB , 536x600 , 27_king.jpg )
1489 No. 1489 hide quickreply [Reply]
There's something I don't quite get /ask/.

I've been looking for a second job for some time now because I am fed up of mine and also because with my current one, there's usually a down-time during summer and we get far less working hours. I've been called to two interviews so far amongst the 30+ C.V.s I sent and applications I did and those are the only ones who ever replied to me were from placement agencies. I fucking hate them in general but I overlook it because I want something else badly for a job right now before it's too late.

When I got there, I was pretty much the only one dressed neatly and came prepared with all necessary documents. During interviews, I look professional and I am confident while most people that comes in are dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and gets something for a job in the end. They barely speak any of the official languages from where I am and they don't even seem to understand how to apply for a job. No matter how neat of an image I project to those companies I never get a callback from them. It's more of a ''Don't call us, we'll call you'' type of deal. One of the last companies I tried told me initially to call them the following day while they try to reach their client to submit my application to them. After a few days of back and forth like that, they say ''we'll call you back when we get some news''.

I have tried other companies which aren't placement agencies but I still get nothing. All the jobs I applied for so far are jobs in which I have actual experience in too.

What am I doing wrong here?
>> No. 1492
You live in the UK. You are probably not aiming for cleaning or entry-level minimum-training semi-proletarianised white-collar work or training. As far as I know, no meticulousness in adherence to normative social protocol will redeem you by other means. You are asking us for social commentary of a practical nature re. the UK and we are mostly yanks and kanoots.

What you are doing wrong: Not using internet brokerage to systematise you risks and minimise the time required to use part-time work to buy your freedom to live off the continued increase of your capital. Unless, that is, you value the people who pour most of the shit in your life now onto you as sources of structure around which to build your experience.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 1493
mate it depends what kinda job you apply for. There was this job for engineering students and shitloads of people applied. I went there in my normal clean close and lots of students i know from uni where there too. All in suits. The thing is the job was working in production, maintaining mechanical components and writing status reports on a clipboard. Its a steel factory so everyone who works in it is dirty. Dress for the job you are going to have mate.
Secondly, i dont know how old are you but that might be an issue.
Last but not least, people who have to much "interview" training and give the standard answers to every questions without letting the interviewer know what kinda person they are, do NOT leave an impression.
>> No. 1532
File 137213469074.png - (165.17KB , 500x500 , tumblr_lz998eaJMv1r73o6ho1_500.png )
In my experience in the USA, it seems like the only way to get a job is through knowing the right person. When I got hired at my current job, someone I went to school with posted on facebook something like "who wants a job." Of course, a dozen people we're like "me!" but I was the only person to walk in and awkwardly apply. They hired me on the spot because that person had a good relationship with the boss and with me. But wtf do I know? I've only had two jobs ever. I do know that my lonely old dad is still unemployed and I've helped him file hundreds of online applications, and that I've seen plenty of people walk in to where I work for an application and I've never seen them since. Just seems like companies want to "hire within the family," so to speak. Also charisma probably helps. Especially in an IT field full of awkward fucks.

File 137152721884.jpg - (61.70KB , 386x386 , photo.jpg )
1526 No. 1526 Locked hide quickreply [Reply]
Can you check my dubs?

>> No. 1527
> 1. Don't troll /ask/ ever.

File 136969645690.jpg - (28.45KB , 400x283 , survivor-16.jpg )
1501 No. 1501 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Is there any reason for a modern woman to keep her breasts? Especially if she does not or has finished nursing children?

Some things to consider: First and foremost, the need to nurse children is virtually eliminated in the west, and quality formula can even provide a better diet for an infant than natural milk. Secondly, mastectomies are increasingly safe procedures with minimal healing time, while the cost and damage done by even routine breast cancer prevention continues to burden and harm. Last, keeping one's breasts increases the likelihood of sexual assault and objectification, women with smaller busts are empirically less at risk.

I understand that this is "1000-year Project" stuff, but every step is important. While I'd never infringe on a woman's rights to her own body, I think that culture needs to shift to encourage women to take the pragmatic action and be liberated of their breasts.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1503
On the other hand, your "things to consider" are vertiginously exaggerated and unfounded.
>> No. 1515
>quality formula can even provide a better diet for an infant than natural milk

I'm not trying to derail the thread, but can I get a source on that?
>> No. 1520
I love my boobs they feel good and attract men
>> No. 1521
No you can't, and you should be derailing it; it's shite.
>> No. 1523
Yeah, OP is full of shit.

SAGE has been used.

File 137082273352.png - (419.47KB , 650x625 , earthmoon.png )
1511 No. 1511 hide quickreply [Reply]
the further you are from the center of the earth, the less the pull of gravity.

so you weigh less on a mountain than at sea level, and get heavier the further you get towards the center of the earth.

I don't understand this, because when you get closer to the center of the earth, doesn't the mass of the earth above you not count towards gravity anymore? so referring to the picture, when you're at about that point [A] equal to the size of the moon (or mass i guess would be more accurate) inside earth, isn't the gravity on you roughly the same as the moon [B]?
>> No. 1512
Density, my friend. Density.
>> No. 1517
so you're saying that since the earth is more dense the further you get to the center, that's why they say "you get heavier when you move towards the center of the earth"

thanks for the clue, that makes sense i didn't think of that. it still doesn't clear it up for me though, because it still seems to me you'd be lighter near the center than you'd be at the surface, albeit the center is more dense

File 137038807690.jpg - (6.84KB , 244x207 , images.jpg )
1508 No. 1508 hide quickreply [Reply]
hey /ask/, I had a few questions about the silk road. I apologize if they are stupid questions, but before I use TOR, I just wanted to get some things out of the way.

Are things usually sold for x amounts of bit coins and not the actual street price that the drug would be sold for? I was looking at the price of bit coins around me and the price for one bit coin was almost $140.00! Now, I was thinking about it and I determined that if a vendor wanted to sell 5 hits of acid for one bit coin, then that would be way too expensive. I am gonna check the prices for acid because that is what i would buy.

Furthermore, I can't figure out a good address to get these shipped to. Anyone have any good suggestions on how to get these shipped to you without going through your actual address? Has anyone just put their actual address and had their package shipped there?

Sorry if this sounds noobish. I am gonna go on TOR now...
>> No. 1509
OK, I did some checking.

The price of the drug varies, but unless you are buying a shit ton of it, you are probably not dealing with whole bit coin amounts.

Now, as far as where to have stuff shipped... That still remains a mystery.
>> No. 1513
Ship it to your house with a fake name and make sure the bitcoins cant be connected to you (probably cant). In the event you are busted upon receipt of the drugs, it seems to me that you might have some chance of denying that the package was yours. I'm no lawyer and have never purchased anything off the silk road, just my take on the situation.
>> No. 1516
He's posting about breaking the law on a public forum that can most assuredly be traced back to him to prove intent if caught. OP, find a connection IRL, like normal people. Don't trust that the information you provide, the information that could tie you to an illegal act, will be kept confidential. Tor node operators behind things like The Silk Road have contingency plans if ever caught (read: they're taking you down with them).

Only an idiot in this day and age would think feigning ignorance will save his stupid ass from prison. Don't leave paper/digital-trails when doing illegal things.

File 135857924721.jpg - (326.16KB , 800x800 , my-war.jpg )
1329 No. 1329 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I think i'm the only sophomore at my college with like no friends. i know some people from my hometown but only see them on occasion. I do almost everything alone; to be honest i've gotten really used to just being alone i don't know how to make friends any more. i'm bad at saying hi to people or knowing when to sit with people (doesn't feel natural for me sometimes?) and i think i've made some enemies this way because people think i hate them for not saying hi or sitting with them. feel like i've wasted what could have been some of the best years of my life being miserable.

any advice is greatly appreciated. thank you
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1331
Try /mind/
>> No. 1504
>> No. 1505
If you want to be socially successful you have to force yourself to try. Difficult at first, but becomes much easier once the ball is rolling. Try asking someone to study with you for a difficult class at your college, or drink/smoke/play vidjya/go hiking with you, whatever it is you kids do for fun. Whatever it is you're interested in, there's someone else interested in it that wants to do it with other people.

Stop overthinking things, try to take initiative and be friendly, and just do it. Also start regular exercise if you don't already, its effect on the mind is often underestimated.
>> No. 1506
I'm in a similar boat as you, however my problem is that i am very visible in public and it is very uncomfortable for me. The way I choose to dress is not exactly normal and even if nobody is giving me looks or treating me funny I still feel self conscious because I don't look the way i want to look. I mostly avoid humans and get my interactions in through text online. Sometimes webcams with old pals but not often. I do have advice though!

If you aren't a huge target for people like me and you skirt under the radar you should try to feel grateful for that. I would change my appearance if I could but it takes a long time for suck things to happen. If you don't fucking hate yourself every second because of your image and how you are seen by the world you already have a step up on me, and I go out there and try.

I don't do it stupidly though. I have an OKC profile that is very explicitly marked ina lot of places for friends only and I have gotten some feedback. I even met a cool person to hang out with and it was was. My anxiety prevents me from hangout out again because I always find ways of keeping myself busy but I have found comfort in my solitude. Best way to make friends in highschool? Smoke some goddamned pot. Just ask people that look dirty and smoke cigarettes if you don't already smoke like a champ.It's safe and everyone does it and it feels good and music is better and food etc. If you CANNOT FUCKING BE SOCIAL do what I do and dedicated yourself to mutliple demanding hobbies and give them your all. I am training in starcraft and I make electronic music. It's something, and the emotions only fuel me.

My most honest advice is that people fucking suck, find some nice boy or girl that wants to lick your private parts and then let them. Stick it through with them, maybe see some other friends every once i a while but just get into a relationship. All of them take work on both ends, far more than a normal friendship, but they are far more rewarding. What the fuck has a friend ever done for me? Given me a ride when I was stranded? Bought me a meal without my asking? Asked about soemthing because they care, not as a way of taking about themselves? Friends are great but they don't ever owe you anything and the whle prase about fidning out who your friends really hare though tough times is bullshit. You either have family blood or not and they are always there or you have people looking our for themselves. Sometimes they can look out for you adn them for a little bit but it always comes back to them felling the SAME AS YOU and not having any friends and being lonely and feelings like shit so they do something jackassy and drives wedges in your friendship. THink of the pain you are in, they think of what you would do to escape it. Everyone else feels the same way if nto worse and is doing shit to fix it. A lot of people do bad shit to fix it and you end up getting hurt even worse.

Be strong. Masturbate. Work out. Develop a hatred for the people around you that walk through life witht heir eyes closed, everything handed to them. The people you see that are 'happy' are just ignorant. Ignorance is not bliss, it's ignorance. Bliss is being above the bullshit mentall and strong enough to hold yourself up emotionally under duress. It feels good to balance on one foot. Once you can stay in a still position and you find your center you can even move around with your foot on the ground, btu still completely stable. Masters of martial arts can punch and kick while standing on 1 toe, why can't you even stand on 2 feet? many people grow up without families, without enough food, without blankets. It's douchey of me to tell you to humble yourself but follow me for a second. If they can walk through that difficulty you can walk through the blessing of not being burdened by leeches. I remember thinking I was missing something. It wasn't until after I was maxing hard drugs alone on the verge of OD that I realised I had found that I was lookign for the entire time. I always felt like if I stayed higher for 15 more minutes, if i took 1 more hit, or if i mixed 1 more thing in i would hit the nirvana point. Well i did a bunch of times and I never thought of it as 'as good as it gets' because that is a misnomer. I remember desperatly chasing after older kids to hang out with them because i eard them recounting stories on lunch period about the funnshit shit that happened during a smoke session after school. It was an in joke and i was out. I got in eventually but the mark is always moving. College parties are where it's at,m youre missing out just you wait! Oh college sucks wait until youa re 21! the bars are the things! Oh bars? Those are so 80s. You need to try this new nightclub! Oh that old place, here come with me to my suite in vegas!

All those people will always be trying to push it to a new limit because they are chasing the same feeling of the 'top'. They don't want to 'miss out' on the good things in life.

Fuck that, go kiss girls and touch their butts. Don't break hearts but also think of it this way. If you chase all the friends who are all chasing the same thing, none of you have what you are looking for. Nobody is actually paying attention to anything non superficial. It's all about image. I remeber when I became the 'popular kid' in highscoll, people would text me all day and I would say I was busy right then but i would reply as soon as i had a second

I was at home alone calling up all the people I thought were cool adn they were fedding me the same line i feed the people lookign for the cool kid. It's all a game and bullshit. Worse it's set up by children. Name 1 thing from highschool that matters. Calculus? Ben the senior kid with the car? Miss brown's english class because sometimes she wears a low cut shirt? All of that is bullshit meant to waste your time. The school system was conceived around 100 years ago in it's modern authoritarian form and it makes no sense. Have you ever learned something meaningful in 1 hour? No. in a 1 hour class you scratch the surface of an idea. that why college classes are usually much longer. They actually teach. The school system is deliberately impractical. It wastes your time and holds you back them gives you a garbage peice of paper that is the same as if you take a test meant for Spanish speaking 16 year olds. I never got as or bs and i aced the fucking ged first time i tried it. All the info is ON THE TEST. Highschool is easy, it's fake, all the cool kids are the saddest ones and nobody actually has any real fun because they are always looking over theuir backs when they laugh to make sure they are not the only one. Nobody is a real person, and nobody will care enough about you to WORK on themselves to become real. Ever catch yourself saying some bullshit halfways though ti coming out of your mouth? DO you correct yourself? The fuck would you it doesn't matter right. Well if you care about somebody else a lot then you tend to watch your mouth and start to think critically. You start to share ideas instead of debate the best one.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1507
I guess what I am saying is fuck everyone. Here is what you do. Get some style. Be clean cut, wear a simmilar theme every day. Don't talk to people unless they talk to you, and if they do act busy but give them honesty. If you don't talk to talk say so. if you are interested ask questions and make eye contact with people. But be distant. That is the trick

Everyone will see you as different. even if they don't realize it themselves. Simply make the conscious decision not to waste your time with bullshit. You really DONT have time. If you are only genuine and real to people, you ask questions and if you get asked answer them truthfully and, you listen and you don't put on the air of desperation people will open up to you casually as you open up casually to them. People might start tellintg you how they feel if you fell them how you feel about things. And I don't mean 'how you feel about current events the world ot obama" I mean if somebody asks you how you are and it's not the best day you say exactly that and nothing more unless they ask you. You'll get a reputation REAL quick for being different, you can either take this to a creepy place or a really sexy place. Creepy is when you try too hard. If you cultivate an attitude that you would like to see in people and make that how you interact with the world like minded people will find you non abrasive and refreshing. Since you don't cling to the outside of circles of people talking or try over and over again to hang out with 'cool' people,everyone else who is doing that will be attracted to you because you will seem to have it figured out. You will know the secret, and that secret is that you're the only person worth your time. If youre into girls they get off on the opposite attention that they normally get. If they are used to the role of lots of attention super hot popular commanding people around and having everyone always be tagging along then when you treat her like the normal ass person she is without anythign exceptionally interesting about her she will flip her shit and not understand and either try to prove you wrong to validate herself <usually by friendzoning you because most guys will think she wants to prove she is special by fucking and they as sopon as they want it and she knows it's friendzone because then she is the one choosing and therefore not ugly or boring or non special. So you don't let that happen and you either become a real person to her because you force her to chase you and then you are only honest and genuine, or option 3 she does not give a fuck about you and wouldn't either way so it doesn't matter

I guess i'm saying the only way to be cool is to be cool. It's not about the clothes, or the style, or even the friends. Being cool might get you friends that end up being real people and cool for life. But better than that you avoid loser trash doucghebags that would use you and put you in uncomfortable positions while actually ridding yourself of the need to not by lonely.

Nurture your loneliness, make it strong like goku's tail. Even if it never becomes a strength and you are always in pain and you can never truly escape the need for companionship, you can train yourself to function through that until you can find an alternate way to rid yourself of the pain.

If you don't want a relationship develop a realtionship with yourself. Go on walks, take yourself out to meals, write a journal, talk to yourself, hug a pillow, cry and then rub your own back. Give yourself what you would get from somebody else. It's fucking wierd but it works. Talk to yourself in the third person to motivate yourself or to say things you know but need to process out verbally. Exercise. Get good at something and perfect it.

I love you, anonymous for you are me. You will be fine angel, the person you are looking for is waiting for you and they arn't waiting in a group of people, they are waiting alone in their room like you are. You never know when you will meet them, so you have to be genuine so that when they meet you they actually meet you and not a facade you ahve put on for your 'friends'. Learn the art of conversation. It has it's own techniques and sytles. Learn how to ask a girl/guy out the right way. "I think you are pretty, I would like to take you out to specific activity on specific time on specific day. Will you come with me?". Stutter it out to some older women that will laugh at you and make you feel really bad about yourself so that when you do it to the pretty girl you have already experienced the adrenaline rush before.

Whoops re fucking read your shit and you're on college? Same exact thing. people make a beeline from senior year to freshman year without growing up 1 fucking bit. Maybe you know how to do relationships and i'm an asshole and you just want friends. Matybe I got burned and i'm projecting and ranting. Maybe a lot of things.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 134453328269.jpg - (32.03KB , 420x420 , big_susan-boyle-album-cover.jpg )
977 No. 977 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hey /ask/

So I wanna learn how to sing but I don’t have the money for lessons. I already play the piano so I’m quite knowledgeable about music theory and I can hear whether notes are correct or not pretty quickly. Of course I realize that it’s very difficult to hear whether the notes you sing yourself are correct or not so simply practicing would probably not be enough. Any idea how I can teach myself to sing?
>> No. 978
I'll never get the appeal of singing classes. Don't you think it'd be more fun, interesting and satisfying to discover your own voice, no matter "shitty" (by academic standards) it might sound? As long as your voice can carry enough emotion and has a very distinctive personality (which is not hard and you can develop it on your own much like you develop a drawing or speaking or writing style which is unique to your own person), then you're a good singer.

I get that you might learn useful tips like respiration techniques and whatnot from singing classes, but I can't shake the feeling that by abiding to those classes you're missing your chance of finding yourself, and you're kinda dooming yourself to sing like someone else sung some time ago and the Academia thought that's how singing should be.

Since you play the piano, you have a huge advantage over most people. The piano is a great instrument for training your ear to recognise notes, and with practice (say, slowly playing a scale and singing each note until it sounds right) your ear should be well enough tuned to allow you to sing in key. Other than that, you need to experiment with your own voice. Reach its limits, test its abilities, discover the textures and tones your chest, throat and mouth can create and then, once you get a good feel of your own voice (which is an instrument and therefore requires familiarity much like a piano or any other instrument requires you to become familiar with its physical aspects), you should be able to either design the type of voice you want (within your own abilities) or simply let it form on its own.

Without singing classes, you probably won't become the next Pavarotti. But I feel having a unique voice with a strong personality that's able to transmit feelings is far more important than technical prowess. Just like with any instrument.

I mean, Tom Waits and Mark E. Smith would get laughed out of Academia (or, say, American Idol), yet their voices are extremely expressive, unique and personal, and in my opinion those are the abilities and characteristics on which any musician should focus.

All of this presented to you courtesy of Opinions®: "They're Pretty Much Worthless!
>> No. 985
Recording yourself would probably help.
>> No. 1491
Go on YouTube and search "singing lessons." There are YouTube channels that are specifically made for singing lessons. They have videos on how to increase your vocal range, how to breathe properly, how to develop your vibrato, and so on... And it's all FREE. Since you play piano and have a good knowledge of music theory you already have a headstart, now you just need to develop your voice. Good luck!

File 136340879424.png - (1.81KB , 100x100 , huh.png )
1431 No. 1431 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm 22 years old.

I don't want to have a job ever. I had a part time job when I was 16 but quit after a week. I don't like being around people (I'm not phobic) and I just don't have the motivation to work. I'm miserable living with my parents.

if I can have food, quietness, internet, a place to stay and be left alone i will be happy

What can I do. please help
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1459
Become a courier. You don't really have to talk to many people. You just pick shit up, chat with a dispatcher over the phone, and deal with the people when you drop off and pick stuff up.
>> No. 1460
On that note of the poster above me, try and find a small tech/hardware business that sells and manages computer equipment for their clients. You can have a good time helping their shop receive and prepare equipment, then deliver it and install it at the clients' location. I've done this and it doesn't involve a lot of thinking. Follow some repetitive setup or unboxing routines, drive while listening to the radio, greet clients who will be expecting you and often have their own tech guys to help and install. Sometimes you can even wear jeans every day.
>> No. 1461
continued from above... sorry haha.
If you live close to your job you can still have lots of free time. My studio apartment is small but its fucking sweet. Cheap rent in a building owned by a company that manages many buildings (so the maintenance is serious and reliable). I have a little japanese futon bed I sleep on, another actual futon couch, a desk and computer, and a huge 60" TV that I saved up for when I was living with my parents. I have good internet and dont buy cable TV, my 60" is my computer monitor haha and thats all I need!

GET A JOB. YES, MAKING A RESUME AND BUYING A CHEAP SUIT WILL TAKE A COUPLE DAYS. Once you have those preparations you can relax and just browse sites for warehouse jobs or what I talked about above. Being on your feet a little and not having to think too hard is low-stress. You cant be happy until you discover who you are, and that means forceing yourself out of your comfort zone so that you can climb a little see the other side of the hill. The other side is all downhill.
>> No. 1484
Take up a hobby and make it your work. Breed rare fishes, rare plants, become an author or learn programming to make your own games. Do something you like.
>> No. 1485
Learn to live without much money. You could go dumpster diving, there's some valuable stuff in there somewhere.

File 136469404146.jpg - (40.67KB , 671x367 , 525072_313393142116346_603749089_n.jpg )
1463 No. 1463 hide quickreply [Reply]
I'm trying to start up a business manufacturing alcohol, but I don't know the proper classification for zoning or building codes. (I know all the other licences and legal hooplah I need to go through though).

Where do I find this information?
>> No. 1464
You may try asking at the places where you do all the other legal hooplah. They probably have a list of phone numbers and shit, because you're not the first person to try this.

Also, are you going to be doing a pub type place that brews their own beer, or are just going to be distributing? Are you looking to open up in the Oklahoma City or Austin, Texas areas? Are you looking for potential employees?
>> No. 1466
I'll be visiting the local ATF and Chamber of Commerce this week because I've had no luck looking anywhere else.

Actually, starting a meadery/fruitwinery (sans vineyard). Won't be doing a restaurant, but will set up a tasting room if I don't run out of money first.
I'd love to deliver to Oklahoma City or Austin if you're want to buy some once I start up or know a distributor who'd be interested (not sure of TX laws for importing though).

And I can't afford any full-time employees (and won't be able to in the near future), but I'll potentially get an attorney, web designer, and graphic designer to do some commission work for me.
>> No. 1474
Go talk to someone at City Hall or whatever your local government office is called.

File 136633272273.jpg - (44.21KB , 640x680 , 136630677114[1].jpg )
1467 No. 1467 hide quickreply [Reply]
I'm finally financially secure and have a decent amount of savings. Here is a list of my current student loans:

$4,876.47 4.25%
$1,895.54 6.55%
$4,879.19 5.35%
$2,031.09 6.55%
$2,150.65 6.55%
$4,001.09 5.75%
$3,125.72 6.55%

$4,686.50 5.00%

All of the interest rates are fixed as far as I know. Should I start paying off the higher interest loans, or begin putting my money in long term investments? From google, I've gathered that if I can reasonably expect a higher rate of return than the interest on my loans, I should continue to make minimum payments and put extra money into investments. So the question is, can I reasonably expect to make more return than 6.55%?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1469
Personally, I'd just start paying of the loans as soon as possible and invest later. Pay as much as you can starting with the highest dollar amount of the highest interest rate loan. The longer you're in debt the deeper in debt you go.
>> No. 1471
Not necessarily. I mean if it were credit card debt with 30% APR or something retarded like that, yeah, I would want to pay that off as soon as possible. But something like a mortgage at 2.5% I feel like I could just make minimum payments and use my money for other things. These student loans are somewhere in the middle so I'm not sure what to do with them.

My dad actually argued that I should make minimum payments on the grounds that, because of inflation, $5,000 today can buy much more than the same amount could buy 10 years from now, so I might as well spend it while I have it.
>> No. 1472

If inflation netted more profit than an interest rate, no one would loan at that interest rate. They would just sit on their money for ten years.

Over the repayment term of your loans it may be difficult to realize a 6.55% return on investments, so think about when you want to have that money.

No investment guarantees profit, but paying interest guarantees a loss.

File 13599364643.png - (31.88KB , 500x282 , battotoro2.png )
1366 No. 1366 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys,

I come to you seeking advice on something that has concerned me for a while. I am not a smart person. I have trouble speaking. I sometimes slur my words and can't pronounce things that I should be able to pronounce. This has greatly decreased my confidence in myself, because while I do have a few things going for me, speaking and generally being intelligent is not one of them.

I want to change. I need to change. I need to become smarter. I don't want to be the dumb one of the group anymore. I want to be able to hold a conversation without stumbling on words. I just don't know how to change.

So I come to you seeking advice on how to better my brain and my speech.
>> No. 1367
Go to college. Take any study (preferably one that interests you), do your best to get through it. Get a job. i.e get out into the world. spending your days behind a computer is not going to exercise your brain enough. That's what your problem is. to be cliche, your brain is like a muscle. If it's not used, it'll deteriorate. Academics aren't the only way to work your brain either. Also, I kinda felt the same as you before I left high school. However, I joined the army (not necessarily recommending that), and have since done many things. I don't feel air-heady at all anymore. you just have to live, man.
>> No. 1371
You're assuming I don't get out when that's not the case. I work full time (albeit at a minimum wage job), I make music videos, and I have gone to college (though it wasn't really my thing). I know a shit ton about the things I've studied, that's not my problem. My problem is general knowledge, and being able to speak well.
>> No. 1372
If you want to feel smarter, read some youtube comments. 4srs, your ability to string together sentences and your desire to do so puts you in a higher class than most already.
So, lets dispense with the idea that you are dumb. I know dumb people. Dumb people don't think they're dumb. They think that they know everything, even though they are basically always wrong.

So, lets start there, with your self-awareness. That much is good. Now let's see if I understood what you are trying to say. So, first, you have difficulty communicating verbally. Okay, tagged that. Second, I get the feeling that you have a decent amount of specialized knowledge but feel you are lacking what seems like basic competency in whole fields. Is this accurate?

Regarding point 1, you say you get out plenty. That's cool. Do you talk much? That is, do you often speak with friends or strangers, in formal (like a defined role i.e. you are an employee they are a customer,) or informal settings? To put it another way, when you're holding down a conversation, do you find it easier to communicate if you are playing a specific role in that conversation, or is the difficulty present regardless of circumstance?

I probably should have asked this earlier, but how about some vitals? I would guess early/mid twenties and a history of light substance abuse, just based on you posing on 99ch. Developmentally, were you verbal at a young age, or did you take a while to catch up? When you say you should be able to pronounce a word, do you mean that you figure it out after you've mispronounced it, or that you try to pronounce it and you aren't able to?

As to the 2nd thing, when you say your general knowledge is lacking, are you talking about trivia or basic proficiency, and are you talking pop or academic? Like, are we talking about naming three Van Gogh paintings off the top of your head or what key James Brown's "Sex Machine" is in? Or is it more like you don't know Hooke's Law or Avagadro's Number from Maslow's Heirachy of Needs?

I know it's hard to point at what isn't there, but what kind of stuff do you feel you ought to know, but don't?
>> No. 1377
>Second, I get the feeling that you have a decent amount of specialized knowledge but feel you are lacking what seems like basic competency in whole fields. Is this accurate?

Yeah that's pretty accurate.

>Do you talk much?
A far amount. I work as a barista at a local coffee shop. It's a fairly friendly place so I tend to make small talk with the regulars. I find it both formal and informal conversations equally difficult. That being said, I'm not anxious when it comes to meeting people or talking to people. I'm not a shy guy. I can get a little self conscious though when I can't think of the correct word or mix up two similar sounding words.

Your guess of early twenties and some substance abuse is correct. I do pretty much follow the typical 99channer stereotype. I drink fairly regularly and smoke pot occasionally.

> Developmentally, were you verbal at a young age, or did you take a while to catch up?
I was pretty average developing vocally. Nothing unusual there, really.

>When you say you should be able to pronounce a word, do you mean that you figure it out after you've mispronounced it, or that you try to pronounce it and you aren't able to?
The latter. Sometimes I look at words and think to myself "shit, I can't pronounce this" and I'll ask my friends for help. They'll do it with ease.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1465

You ending sentence made me laugh, because it reminded me of myself. I also would like a nice reply to this question OP, because I exhibit all of those traits.

> Monitoring mode activated <

File 136421236075.gif - (11.67KB , 116x100 , adderall.gif )
1455 No. 1455 hide quickreply [Reply]
so, it's currently 4:53 am where im at and at about 2:15 i took like 3 of these adderall up the nose. never done it before and it was simply out of curiosity, i didnt feel too much, just a burst of energy and feeling kind of like im on meth etc. just wondering if you've had any similar or extravagant experiences with adderall?
>> No. 1457
I thought we had a drug board around here somewhere. Been a while since I came here...

Matter of fact I'm on 100mg (I think) of adderall right now. And drinking coffee, cause I'm some kinda fiend. Stimulants aren't really my thing, usually, but they're good once in a while. Addictive drugs generally are best once in a while.

Adderall just makes you feel like doing stuff. Anything, it doesn't matter what. Half the time I take a bunch of speed I'll just walk around my house talking to myself and/or masturbate until the blinding headache of watching porn for day forces me to stop. Weed is good for the comedown, obviously; it'll help you eat some food and sleep.

So those are 5mg pills right? You should take some more, imho. I personally don't much care for snorting shit, but I've heard it's a great come-up. Coke is better for snorting, cause it makes you numb. If you want a fast come-up without sinus damage, just chew the shit up and chase it with fruit juice or something. Guarantee it'll hit you within twenty minutes.

File 136382276515.gif - (0.97MB , 500x281 , akane.gif )
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I'm a NEET of almost 2 years. How do I explain to potential employers why I haven't done anything in all this time? I have fairly decent qualifications, but I doubt anyone would want to hire me after learning I've been a shut-in for so long just because I was too unmotivated to do anything.

I'm still pretty unmotivated about the whole prospect of finding employment to be honest, so any advice on changing my outlook regarding that would be appreciated too.
>> No. 1444
You've been "traveling"
>> No. 1453
Or, you could make up some excuse about having family issues to take care of in that time, such as a sick relative.

File 136200725299.png - (74.98KB , 983x1013 , 1361152174434.png )
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Hey, I need some advice.

I am in my first year of college at a 4 year university as a transfer student. School is pretty difficult in my 6th week of school. Still getting used to everything right now.

In Dec, my brother committed suicide. It's really hard to have to deal with his death and with everything that is going on. In the summer, I am going to move from where I am living.

Just wondering whether or not I should get a job.

What do you think /ask/? I don't really want to talk about my brother's suicide, but please use that to factor in to what you think about all of this.
>> No. 1416
I think /mind/ would be of more help
>> No. 1417
Smoke weed, listen to music, love life

If you need a job to do that get a job
>> No. 1418
I wouldn't get a job if I were you but I could see how it might be either a good or bad thing depending on the person. I need a lot of personal time though.
>> No. 1419
Sounds like you need less stress, not more. Spend some time in the library.
>> No. 1447
It depends on if you're the type of person who deals with stress by focusing outward and being busy or of you're a person who deals with stress by focusing inward and having introspective, quiet time.

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